Rippen Lips Fly Fishing


A responsive website for customers to book trips with ease and picture themselves in the Sierras with a captivating image gallery. 


UX Research
Web Design
Brand Strategy


Responsive Website


The shop owner has to correspond directly to each inquiry to communicate the booking procedures to interested customers who are seeking information on fly-fishing trips.


Build an online site to optimize the booking process by communicating trip packages and the values that set apart Rippen Lips Fly Fishing from competitors.  

MVP Features

Trip inquiry form
Customer reviews
Photo gallery
Social media links
Shop contact links


Tom Lippen is the owner and main guide of Rippen Lips Fly Fishing based out of the Eastern Sierras here in California. Tom has grown his business over the years around his love of fly fishing, the outdoors, and a desire to educate others on responsible catch and release practices.

Tom, as an avid outdoor adventurer has a strong social media presence and is able to promote his fly-fishing guide services to his followers who are the ideal audience for his business.

Without a website, when Tom received inquiries it was a slow process as he had to correspond to each case through phone or email without a template to process the bookings. When I interviewed Tom, I learned that he wanted to check the expectations and experience level of each client before booking a trip so he could provide the best experience while avoiding customers who did not match his services.

Based on customer and competitor research I mapped out how to differentiate his services in the marketplace. Most competitors were also retailers and their sites were clunky with product offerings and wordy articles.

Tom’s small shop advantage was his minimal service offerings and his ability to oversee all trip experiences. Tom’s attentiveness and knowledge of the sport were the key attributes to communicate to potential clients. 

I created a primary persona to map out the happy user flow and identify the key decision points and of a user attempting to book a trip. His audience trusted Tom as a shop owner, but they were missing instructions and information on how to book his services. I designed the site’s IA to prioritize Trip Packages content to solve for the customers’ need for information while booking a trip.

The site’s homepage is a quick overview of the company’s mission with CTA buttons to book a trip. I placed imagery throughout to convey the look and feel of the fly-fishing trip experience.

A main feature to prioritize was a booking inquiry form to store customer information to allow Tom to respond efficiently. The form template walks the customer through the booking procedures so they are better educated on the services when Tom confirms their trip.